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Massachusetts Collections Action Representation

Has the debtor said the magic words to the collection agency?  "I’m not going to pay it!"  Or "I can’t pay anything?"  We’ll handle the lawsuit!

Massachusetts collections action representation While your collection agency might be successful at collecting the majority of your overdue receivables, there will always be those few debtors who adamantly refuse to meet their obligation to you.  The collection agency and you have explained why the debtor owes the balance. Your agency and you have offered payment plans.  You’ve even offered discounts in the hope of appealing to the debtor in this tough economy. Nothing seems to work.

These are egregious debtors who need to realize your balance is not going away.  They need to see the letter from our law firm with the court date and docket number.  These are the people who need to be standing before the judge in order to understand the gravity of their obligation to you.  We can bring them before that bench.  Contact us now to discuss our strategy!

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